BCF is a family expecting guests. We take time each Sunday to welcome our guests and invite you to fill out a guest card which you can find attached at the bottom of our weekly handout. We like to bless people, so please let us know if you have any prayer needs. Also, stop by our Welcome Center after service for a special gift and thank you for being our guest!


We begin every Sunday with praise & worship, starting shortly before 10:00 in the sanctuary. This generally lasts 30 – 40 min. You can expect to find expressive worship and something a little different each Sunday as we seek the leadership of the Holy Spirit. It is normal for us to clap our hands, to dance, to sing and raise our hands to the Lord, and for our children to dance with fabrics. Occasionally we have a time of ministry and prayer, or someone from our prayer or prophetic teams might have something to share with the congregation.


After worship we take a few moments to highlight things happening in the lives of our congregation, pray for current needs, and then receive tithes and offerings. This is simply done by the ushers passing buckets down each row of seats, during which time there will often be a special presentation.


We will release our parents to bring their children to their classes and for people to greet each other from the front. After a short break we bring people back with weekly video announcements.


It’s always exciting to get into the scripture and discover what the Lord has for us each week. You can follow along with the message on the screen. We close every service with prayer and often have times where we invite people to come to the front for special prayer and ministry.